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7 Quick Ways for Mamas to Relax

February 12, 2016

I love relaxing. I love thinking about it, planning it, dreaming it, but I don’t actually love doing it. In part because I’m constantly thwarted from pursing my side projects by the actual task of tending to and loving up and chastising my offspring. But in other part because I really want to do when I can. So if the moment arises to relax, I will probably huddle over my sewing machine or computer to write & edit instead. I know tomes are composed about the art of relaxation. I haven’t read any of them. But what I do know is that mamas need quick ways to rest and relax because you never know when the call will come from said offspring from the bowels of the bathroom MAMA I MADE A POOPY and off you go to the races again. Linking with Kelly and her better & cleverer writing friends! 1) Close your eyes and say I think I can I think I can. Just that little pep talk. It’s like attending a conference with motivational speakers without going anywhere. 2) Do you like your robe & slippers?? I finally landed on a combo I live in. Don’t judge. To have something you can retreat inside like a nuclear fall out shelter is pretty amazing. If you don’t like yours, keep looking. AA gave me a cotton robe similar to this for Christmas last year and Molly gave me these slippers. But I also love this robe. And these slippies. 3)…

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Christmas Outtakes

December 29, 2015

So I’m not ready for the holiday season to be over. The cousins all together for the first time for Christmas!! My siblings surrounding me at every turn (quite so, when I turned from the counter to the pantry to dump something in the trash, there was always someone Tuning out the outside world to keep our circus from ending in rampage, stampede, and certain maiming by the 19 month old who still randomly bites. One thing that was really special, among the bazillion, was that I made matching leggings for all seven grandkids (ages 5 and under), we procured cream cable knit irish sweaters for all of them, and my sister Molly made felt crowns for everyone for a Christmas pic for my parent’s annual letter update on their lives for their friends and family. Molly’s gone home with her crew, Peter will go home in a few days as well, and then all will be dull and sad until our next family reunion. I’m feasting my eyes on these outtakes from our photo sesh in the meanwhile. Not touched up. Raw grit here, people. I hope your holidays were merry and bright and if you’re still celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, rock on with that, too! A foot . . . Aron? Peter? Someone? Ladies, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel about being royalty. If only the other two boy cuzes were in this one!! And my monster tot. How’s that candy cane,…

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7 small shop gifts for Christmas

December 17, 2015

I love shopping for other people. I really truly do. I love giving gifts!!! I also love supporting small businesses and organizations I believe in. My last minute, shop small, gift list. So I made my list of seven places to shop that aren’t amazon. Not to hate on the great ‘zon, but these are special. Support your local maker, mama, monk. 1) Brooklyn Herborium Just a few of my favorite things from my sister Molly. I douse my kids twice a day in her oils and balms. It’s the only protection against the harsh Minnesotan winter (plus my daughter’s eczema gets BAD without her products). She’s running a buy 5, get 1 on a few of her hot sellers. Okay, they’re all hot sellers, but these ones are SO great. 2) Natti Natti And a friend of Molly’s, Shannon, whom I so respect and admire, has launched her Natti Natti line!! Hand-designed organic cotton innovative and beautiful children’s products. This bedding !!! I’m looking at one she sent over right now and can’t wait to do a full review in January when I talk to you about how we revamped the kids’ room. Support a hard working mom of two: 3) Sassy Knitwear A local friend who is a seamstress extraordinare designs and sews with her partner all these lovely threads. My kids love theirs!! She’s kind enough to offer a coupon code for 25% off through Dec 31st, good in-store, too, locals! Thanks to Sarah & Molly over…

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What a Sistermoon vacation with your sister looks like

November 9, 2015

Molly has lived in New York for over a decade. We have been best friends since I was born, except for that brief stage where she liked her cat stuffed animal Felix better. We lived together in college. We talk or text every day. Many times. Often on speaker. Just doing our daily lives while periodically chatting but mostly containing the chaos around us. She has two kids, four and under. I have three kids, five and under. It’s busy. If I don’t hear from her for a day or two and she hasn’t responded to my 17 phone calls, I’ll text her husband. The last time this happened, turns out they were at their anniversary dinner. OOPS. Sorry, Aron! Real romance means interruptions by your sis-in-law. A sistermoon is like a honeymoon, only the romance is replaced by sisterly talking. And the hours in bed are for doing said talking. Or watching Men in Black III because they filmed some of it on her old street in Manhattan and we were trying to spot it the whole time (didn’t see it, still loved the movie), followed by hours of exegesis on the merits of different schooling methodologies. When the cabbie asked us how we met as we rode to the airport, away from the Florida paradise, we said, “Our parents introduced us.” This is what our sistermoon looked like (in case you didn’t follow along on instagram or her instagramz): Necklace from Far & Wide Collection, a gift from my sister!…

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5 Nursery Items I LOVE

September 9, 2015

I’m a sucker for lists. Three kids in and now I have a very strong sense of what I love in kids’ decor, clothing, utensils, you name it, because I’ve wasted a lot of money and time figuring it out. Sometimes you learn by experience. And sometimes you get luckily gifted something that you fall in love with. I’ve written my brain dump on registering already, and five items that make parenting easier, and nine toys for the first year, but let me foist yet another list on you because a girlfriend is expecting her first and asked me if I had to only have five things in my nursery, what would they be?? (Also listed allll my Whole Parenting Goods crib & wall & party banners up in the shop! Free shipping through the weekend FREESHIPPING code. Really original, right?)   But back to my list. 1) Disposable Diaper. We cloth diaper by day and use a wonderful local service, Do Good Diapers. They also retail my favorite favorite favorite disposal diaper because this third baby wet through every combination of night diaper out there. Naty are fully compostable and indeed, Do Good will do that for you, too! They hold more pee than anything else I tried. They never ever break open. And they aren’t bleached or dyed. They also make my favorite wipes. 2) Brooklyn Herborium Infused Coconut Oil. Maybe biased because my sister’s organic skincare line makes these but I love it. I still try to give a quick rub down massage to…

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Me crafting + $200 Amazon gift card + my sister

June 10, 2015

You are all about this, right? Pics of me and my messy studio and my projects? You know how many people post these photos of their sewing room so orderly and you think, I could totally do that. Well, feast your eyes. I cannot operate in an orderly fashion though I dearly wish I could. But before you do, if you’re on instagram, hop over before friday and enter the $200 loop giveaway for an amazon gift card my friends and I are doing? Katrina and I contacted four other friends who run small mama-made shops and we all pitched in for a gift card for you. COME OVER TO INSTA! It’s a way to connect our friends with our other friends who are crafty. Buy small. Buy from a mama. Buy local! My sister Molly’s Brooklyn Herborium biz is in the running for a $100,000 grant. But to be eligible, she needs 250 votes. She’s already over 180! CLICK HERE and click through from your Facebook account. You don’t have to register. Nada. Thank you. She’s a hard working mama of two and she and Emma both are so passionate about making organic skincare for you! How can you say no to their cute cute kids? Okay, here I am. Trying to get all these projects out the door because I have a bunch of new things I want to make for you and can’t stand the wait!! Now you’ve seen my total mess. Hopefully you’ll still be my friend?   All…

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