Nell has worked as an editor and story-crafter for two decades beginning with a literary journal in undergrad, segueing to a law review journal in graduate school, working for nearly a decade at Blessed is She to help women find and share their stories. She approaches each book and writing project with an eye for the writer’s heart and a heart for the reader’s eyes. 


The following is a list of her published projects:


    • New Wine (Lent 2023), editor
    • New Wine for kids (Lent 2023), editor + author
    • Forthcoming Gospel studies, editor
    • Forthcoming Daily Devotionals, editor + author
    • Forthcoming Liturgical Study (Advent 2023), editor




    • Emmanuel: A Christmas Feast Devotional (Christmas 2020), editor
    • Maranatha: The Story of The Savior (Advent 2020), editor
    • Maranatha: The Story of The Savior for Kids (Advent 2020), editor + author
    • Here Too: Where We Find God (Lent 2020), editor




prior works

  • Crushed at the Counter: Protection For a Pharmacist’s Right of Conscience, 6 Ave Maria L. Rev. 265 (2007)
  • Apropos Horses and Riders (2006), editor