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NEW MAMA gift set up for grabs {grab it!}

Because I’ve had three babies and I know what I needed afterwards . . . I present to you the NEW MAMA gift set!

new mama giveaway

I give you the tour, from the bottom to the top:

Witch Hazel Spray

I told you about my sister Molly and her organic skincare products before, remember?

A distillation of Witch Hazel leaves and bark infused with Organic Lavender buds and Rose Petals to provide superb herbal comfort. ((giving away the bigger one!))

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) has been used for many centuries as an astringent and general body toner. This amazing formula takes it one step further, tincturing Organic Lavender buds and Rose Petals to provide even more herbal goodness. Each batch is tinctured separately and macerated for at least 6 weeks in the shade.

Saturate cotton pads with witch hazel to soothe tired eyes. It has also traditionally been used to relieve hemorrhoids (Amazing!) and varicose veins.

Visit her on the web or etsy or in her shoppe in Brooklyn!

Lactation Consultation

I told you about my friend Leah and her Guiding Star Project before, remember? She’s an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and is donating either one hour online lactation consultation via Google Helpouts (Value $55) or a one hour Phone Consultation (value $35).

Because new mamas often need a little professional help (or for me with my second a LOTTA help for cracked//bleeding//screaming pained nipples) with nursing.

IBCLCs help with the management of diverse lactation issues. They can help answer simple questions related to latch, positioning, milk supply or assist you with more complicated problems such as flat nipples, infant oral structural problems, food intolerances and allergies in the baby.

Website: www.naturallynourishedbaby.com
Google Helpout Page here.

Whole Parenting Goods

Oh I’m always yacking about my etsy shop. I love my Bandit Bibs because I use them every single day with my own teething drooler. Triple layered with organic cotton flannel for absorption, velcro enclosure, keeps your outfits clean and dry so you don’t have to play musical laundry every hour with el bebe!

Ceci Cebú Baby Teether

Jacqui is such a honey. I just love her beautiful blog & etsy shoppe. She’s generously giving one of her organic bunny ear teethers to this gift set. The organic maple ring is sanded smooth and finished with beeswax and olive oil. Eco friendly sensory toy that helps develop motor control. The bunny ears are made with organic cotton on one side and textured minky on the other. There is flannel layer between the outer layers for added absorbency.

Care: Bunny ears can be removed and washed in a washing machine and thrown in the dryer or air dried. The ring can be washed with warm soapy water and re-polished with beeswax or any food grade oil as desired.

See more of her goodies–including my fav–the modern big crochet blankets!–here!

HealFast Herbal Postpartum Bath Herbs

I told you about my friend Cori and her life saving (bottom parts saving) herbal bath, remember?

HealFast is an organic herbal therapy designed to relieve pain and boost emotional and physical well-being. A handcrafted selection of herbs is wrapped in a muslin compress for different use options. It can be used in a bath in muslin bag or made into a concentrated tea for many uses. HealFast eases swollen, stretched vaginal muscles and tissues after birth. It aids in healing episiotomy and perineum bruising and alleviates pain from prenatal and postpartum hemorrhoids.

Find her on etsy or in local shoppes in the Twin Cities (Blooma, Enlightened Mama, etc)

Snapdragon Design

Kim is this mama artisan who has a beautiful etsy shoppe with custom party invites & announcements. She is sweetly offering one custom birthday party package including birthday invitation for boy or girl, cupcake toppers, treat bag labels and birthday banner!! Order and save for baby’s first birthday!

Visit her shoppe here and her website here. You know what’s really convenient is that she sends you the e-file and you print on whatever you want// however you want. So smart, Kim!


Enter & good luck! Awesome value & great gift for yourself or a friend who is expecting!!

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  1. Katrina on October 20, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    Thanks, Nell! I’d love to win for my friend who is pregnant right now 🙂

  2. Lena on October 20, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    Lovely items that this prego mama of #7 could sure use.

  3. Carolyn on October 23, 2014 at 9:18 pm

    Nell! Thanks so much for putting this together! It’s such a lovely giveaway. 🙂