wood wall hangings

beautiful woodwork & a makeover of our Master Suite {gift for you to win}

October 27, 2014

Kelly. This sweet girlfriend of mine. We were roommates at The Hundred Event this summer. I was so delighted to get to know her over the weekend–including a really hilarious trip to Whole Foods that involved buying a pair (my first!) of TOMS shoes. But the best part was talking about our kids and the life of small children and artisan work. I felt a real kinship with her and was so tickled when she agreed to run a giveaway to credit for her shoppe. Oh, did I not tell you about Of Thistle & Thyme yet? Let’s talk about her shoppe. She and her husband hand craft botanical all hangings–wood burnt into high quality wood!! It starts with an inspiring illustration from early botanists. True vintage artwork. Then from her imagination, these take form in their woodshop where they cut, sand, draw, wood burn, and finish with teak oil–each piece by hand. So she literally draws out these vintage botany prints onto her wood panels. And then burns them into the wood. And then puts a stain//or not and then the oil. Talk about a labor of love!! Some are the natural pine stain, others are deeper in tone. I asked Kelly to help me create a deep rich feel for our sitting room. Our house is 100 years old this year (hbd, house) and was featured on Design Mom earlier this year. It’s all gorgeous hand carved woodwork. Naturally, her work fits right in around here. Her description…

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