passionate perseverence

really important brain binge

October 12, 2014

It’s been overwhelming. Life. The speed of my children’s growth. My intense desire for sugar (#nosugar30 attempting here). The sewing machine’s clicking and my knitting needles clacking. All the amazing products I’m able to giveaway to you, lovely and gentle readers. Indian takeout for dinner and BabyLoves sleeping in the sling. Crazy. So here’s my brain binge so you know everything that I know: 1) Mary. Courtney. Mother loving her dying daughter. Do you know about this beautiful family whose daughter has suffered from a severe epilepsy disorder for her whole life? And now she is slowly going back to God. I can’t type that without crying. I cannot imagine my daughter in hospice care. It’s too much to bear emotionally. But Mary is a staunch mother, believer, and lover of her child. Their blog is called Passionate Perseverance and it can be found here. Facebook. Instagram. Okay; you’re in the loop now. Their family has been humbly opening up about how they could use our help not only in prayer, but in medical costs & funerary expenses. Can you give? And if you want to give in a special way, buy one of my 5 skirts I have in the shoppe right now. ALL of your payment (shipping aside) will go to them. Buy a little girl skirt for Courtney? Link here. 2) Ginny over at Small Things is kindly running a giveaway of a gift set from my shoppe too! And a coupon code. You can enter the…

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