natural family planning

38 weeks of holy halleluia

April 23, 2014

It’s here. He’s full-term. That means I can still water birth it even if he comes now instead in a few weeks {take him now, God, take him now!!!}. So now I get to subject you to more nesting photos. Because I’m crafty nesting, design the bathroom nesting, and putting away winter clothing nesting. And I may have lost my to do list. So I’m don’t-ing and just doing what I feel like. Fair enough? On an aside, I had an amusing exchange with a midwife–not my norm–at my 37 week visit. She wanted to talk family planning postpartum and I was all game. I’m sure somewhere (everywhere?) in my chart it says we’re Catholic & don’t use contraceptives & {gasp} use natural methods of charting fertility. Mostly my midwives & I talk about this stuff at the beginning and then they’re open to questions, but let me do my thing. But she’s the first midwife who wanted to delve deeper. How many children do you want to have? What happens when you’ve reached a place where you feel you’ve had all your children? Do you know breastfeeding isn’t 100% accurate for preventing fertility? How did it go with planning your other children? I just want to answer all your questions about using NFP to prevent pregnancies . . . . I genuinely felt she cared and wanted to be helpful and get to the bottom of my perplexing responses {we don’t have a set number of children in mind} {we’re not…

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