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Monday Musings

January 24, 2016

What a wonderful weekend! It was more action packed than usual, but all with wonderful things. Starting with dear friends for Pizza Fridays, Saturday had Moms group, swim lessons, errands, take out, and Sunday rounded out with a sweet early mass, brunch with friends, sewing sewing sewing, and lots of dancing to this song. My stellar husband wound up the weekend making a castle for the kids out of a huge box and everyone is a knight wielding a lance now. Pirates & knights. It’s our life. Kelly asked about what I’ve been reading lately so I dished. Others had WAY better ideas than me so go hop and read. Bridget has been listing her weekly meal plan to my GREAT delight. The lemon chicken?! And when I saw that Grace had a groundhog day at Target I was like YES THAT WAS ME LAST WEEK. Looking way less cute, but still. I’ve started being part of a sweet instagram sale group. We’re all Catholic artisans. Everything is at least 25% off and free shipping. We post all day Tuesdays (and that’s the only day to buy). This week I have this little set! Check out our IG account (Shop Zelie & Co) and follow! My own Whole Parenting Goods shop is clearing out leggings and there are only a handful left with free shipping before I release spring fabrics! Use code {freeshipping} for it. Over here. Laura & Nancy & I strike again and make a Waiting in the Word…

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Bible + Nell + Advent + You

November 15, 2015

I have never completed anything I’ve started for Advent. Books I’ve bought. Journals I’ve bought. Projects I’ve meant to do with the kids. Why? What’s the common thread? I certainly have enough time. I know I do. Everyone has time for things they are determined to do. (I know I could be scrubbing my bathroom floors instead of sewing, but I’m not. #guiltyguilty) It boils down to seeing the benefit. Maybe I’ve been late to mature spiritually, more of a “pragmatist” than a “spiritualist.” Meaning, I’d rather do something I can see tangible results from that doesn’t involve me sitting and pondering. I have a lot of growing to do spiritually. I know the benefits and I want the graces that come with spending time in prayer!! We’ve all seen the studies about the mental health benefits of prayer or meditation. It’s neurologically proven to a-right the brain and improve your systemic health and balance. Because maybe some of you are like me, and need to be encouraged and dragged and prodded. Laura & Nancy & I wrote this Waiting in the Word Advent Scripture study for mamas of little kids. We wrote essays on themes, we picked Bible verses that are short & sweet to contemplate each day, and we even designed (we meaning Nancy!!) a bookmark for your Bible so you could easily grapple with that big ole book. There’s a journal you can print off if you’re a journaler, and if you’re a community leader, there’s a…

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How I’m Trying to Go Deeper into Scripture

October 4, 2015

Catholics are notorious for not knowing the Bible like their Protestant counter parts. And it’s true! We didn’t memorize Scripture passages growing up–we memorized the Catechism and prayers. Those still come easily to me, many many decades out from my little Catholic grade school, but the Bible? I really do want it to be front & center in our kids’ lives. I also want it to be more present in my own life, especially in the next few months when the liturgical season of Advent begins and my busy mom life ramps up for Christmas (aka guests in town and presents galore–oh, and also, Jesus?). My friends Laura & Nancy and I put together something for you. It’s for the youngish Catholic mom who wants to spend time with her Bible amidst the chaos of her daily life, working, at home, driving to school, schooling at home, dinner, errands, all that. Welcome to WAITING IN HIS WORD! This 25+page Scripture devotional tailored with thoughtful essays and selected Scripture passages will walk you (and us) through Advent in a fresh, grounded way. It’s Lectio Divina style which means you take one passage per day, a short one, and just let it roll around all over your heart and mind and sink in. Sign up today to be notified when this guide will be ready for purchase. And when you sign up, you receive Nancy’s little mini-version she wrote about Distraction. Just to get you acquainted with the Lectio Divina style and methodology. And…

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Guest Posting About the Spirituality of Sewing

January 2, 2013

What does a dino blankie and communing with the Divine have in common? Well, maybe something for me. The lovely blog Mother Spirit invited me to guest post about how I nurture my mothering spirit. I was delighted to sit and think about all these profound thoughts. Only to come to the very simple notion that somehow my sewing is spiritual. Not very profound, but very real in my simple life. I wrote about why we start religion from the cradle in our house the other week, here, but this post is all about me and my nourishment of spirituality. Subscribe to her blog, and like her on facebook. And read my guest post here. Thanks, Mothering Spirit!

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