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Monday Musings


What a wonderful weekend! It was more action packed than usual, but all with wonderful things. Starting with dear friends for Pizza Fridays, Saturday had Moms group, swim lessons, errands, take out, and Sunday rounded out with a sweet early mass, brunch with friends, sewing sewing sewing, and lots of dancing to this song. My stellar husband wound up the weekend making a castle for the kids out of a huge box and everyone is a knight wielding a lance now.

Pirates & knights. It’s our life.

Kelly asked about what I’ve been reading lately so I dished. Others had WAY better ideas than me so go hop and read.

Bridget has been listing her weekly meal plan to my GREAT delight. The lemon chicken?!

And when I saw that Grace had a groundhog day at Target I was like YES THAT WAS ME LAST WEEK. Looking way less cute, but still.

I’ve started being part of a sweet instagram sale group. We’re all Catholic artisans. Everything is at least 25% off and free shipping. We post all day Tuesdays (and that’s the only day to buy). This week I have this little set! Check out our IG account (Shop Zelie & Co) and follow!

My own Whole Parenting Goods shop is clearing out leggings and there are only a handful left with free shipping before I release spring fabrics! Use code {freeshipping} for it. Over here.

whole parenting goods

Laura & Nancy & I strike again and make a Waiting in the Word Lenten Scripture Study for all Christian moms. It’s this really cool format Nancy thought up where each week has a struggle & resolution, with a reflection on each. They’re not Lenten specific, but more like things we just struggle with as moms. Here’s our list:

Selfishness→ Sacrifice
Frustration→ Forgiveness
Judgement→ Love
Envy→ Gratitude
Failure→ Humility
Anxiety→ Surrender

I wrote on Judgment to Love and Failure to Humility. Because I had some juicy material for both of those! I’ll post about it again when it’s ready to purchase next week.

waiting in the word