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Newest Purse and Loving It

July 23, 2018

Lily Jade was so kind as to send over a complimentary purse. YET, as always, all views are my own (and my fierce competitors for the bag: my girls wearing Whole Parenting Goods). I am a sucker for a good bag, one that can really tote and haul. Long gone are my days of dainty, cute purses. Nope, I need something that’s a workhorse and can handle spills, spits, and squirts. But I also really don’t love the plasticky-diaper bags. I had a few the first few years of babies and always felt like they were designed by some dude out to make me look as rookie mom as possible. Years ago I met the founders of Lily Jade at a blogging conference: they were just as nice as their company seems! Such kind and lovely creative folks, parents themselves who really got it. This Meggan bag is just perfect for me! It converts into a backpack with two snaps, literally, with a thick comfortable strap that loops through the backside. The inside organizer means I’m not fishing forever for wipes or a dry pair of pants. The outside pockets mean I can grab my keys easily. And it makes me feel like a queen to have such a high quality leather purse! If you’re on the fence about purchasing or suggesting someone purchase this brand for you, I own 3? 4? And I will never buy another brand! They wear so well over time. The zippers and pockets keep their…

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What’s in My Bag {{linkup + Lily Jade giveaway}}

February 4, 2015

I’m a mom of three under five. You’d think I have figured out how to pack my bag so when I leave the house, there are no unmitigated disasters. Well, I cannot guarantee this. In fact, I really really cannot. Three kids these ages in public for prolonged periods of time can mean any number of issues. Hunger. Fatigue. Flat out tantrum. You’d also think I wouldn’t even want a diaper bag anymore. And I don’t. That’s why I love my Madeline in Canvas because it’s a purse with a secret diaper bag side. This fall I had AA take pics of me & my leading lady. Remember? This winter, it’s been a real workhorse of a bag. I take it with me everywhere. But when I pack my bag, I try to pack for everything that could happen. Unless I just tuck a diaper & thin pack of wipes inside the baby’s car seat and then snug them into my sling while we go. So this is what I pack when I am ruddy trudy prepared. I don’t use the baby organizer insert any more because a few items in my bag are for winter, and for me, and wouldn’t need a compartment. Also I find the Madeline has enough outer pockets that nothing gets lost in the bottom. Ever. One of my favorite parts. Winter gloves, house key, beautiful infinity scarf from my sister that doubles & triples over, a rosary from Lourdes, my sister’s honey balm for…

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Packing Your Diaper Bag to Leave the House

March 15, 2012

Who hasn’t forgotten the essentials when you’ve left the house with your child & diaper bag? It’s normal. You’re not alone! Here’s my quick mental checklist for packing a diaper bag for errands and outings. I’ve written on packing for travel (requires much more, duh!), travel with a toddler, and travel with an infant. Do I always bring all these things? Nope. Do I wish I had oftentimes? Yup. Diapers Cover Wipes Changing pad Hand sanitizer Wet bag or whatever you use for your disposables New pants (must must must) New shirt (you never know) New socks (ditto) Small toy that can be lost and forgotten (usually a matchbox car for us) (for a younger baby, a teether or rattle) Happy snack (usually a teething biscuit) Sippy cup for water or other beverage device Two books (to read in the car or to chew on, or whatnot) Allergy meds if you’re child has an allergy (epi pen & benedryl for us) Perhaps a change of tops for you if your child is young and nursing (you never know) For the younger baby, BURP CLOTHS We keep a blanket, emergency first aid kit, bottled water, canned baby food, Luna bars, and car-emergency-stuff in the back of the car as well. You never know!

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