bracelet giveaway

because i never wear bracelets {{christian bling review & giiiiiiiiiveaway}}

November 10, 2014

I am not a bracelet person. I’m not even really a necklace person. I’m kinda into earrings but usually wear the same ones all the times. I do love rings, but only wear my wedding ring set. I became a bracelet person when I saw what Mary had to offer over at Christian Bling. Really truly OOOOH loooooove this one and this one and especially this one. So when she sent it to me, I squealed. I let out a little piggie sound from my mouth to the surprise of my attending children. Mary and I chatted a few months back at the Edel Gathering and her unique jewelry company is a blog sponsor! Read our interview here. She’s so kind and loves affording ladies the opportunity to do home sales of quality christian jewelry pieces. My morning starts with nursing the baby in bed as he falls in & out of sleep, followed by having SuperBoy bound into our room with great enthusiasm at 7:01am, and watching the two of them love it up. SweetPea generally joins the mix closer to 8 and when the hunger pangs start, it’s oatmeal hot off the stove. I may get dressed before breakfast and not slum it in my bathrobe. When I do get dressed (don’t get too excited, it’s a nursing tank) and throw up my hair (just freshly colored::oh!myvanity!), I have tried putting on a little jewelry. It makes me feel like a lady. Nay, when I pop on this bracelet that…

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