bombard with advice

Mombard: bombarding new moms with advice

July 16, 2014

Not that I’ve ever done this: mombard someone? Are you guilty of it? You read every book published about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, vaccines, homemade organic baby food, cloth diapers, cosleeping, and maybe even elimination communication for when you don’t want to use your cloth diapers, and now you’re the pro. The expert. The one dispensing advice. You know you’ve mombarded someone if the following is familiar. And oh-my-gosh, we are all so self righteous and judgmental of other moms! Scenario number 1: Friend says: Oh, I’m just exhausted. This newborn is keeping me up all night. You think: She’s a new mom. She doesn’t know about night nursing. She doesn’t know about absorbent cloth night diapers. She doesn’t know about baby led sleeping (aka no sleep but nursing all night). She doesn’t know that if she just nurses and cosleeps her monster will be come an angel. I know everything because I’m a mom of multiple. You say: “Oh, it’s so hard. But really it only gets easier if you nurse all night and cosleep.” Friend thinks: Jerk. Scenario number 2: Friend says: “Oh, baby food is so expensive. And I’m back to work so it’s too hard to make. I’m exhausted.” You think: She’s a working mom. She should schedule making all her baby food on the weekends. She should also buy only organic products, preferably from the farmer’s market, so even if they’re not certified, they’re local. Carbon footprint et al. She should get those cute…

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