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super soft towels for my dry skinned lady {{review & coupon code for Peacock Alley}}

November 17, 2014

My sweet little SweetPea. She’s two and a half now. Fierce & firey and always ready to slay you with a glare or a smile. AA likes to call her our honey bunzzzzzz. Or hunky. Or big sweets. The irony being that she’s quite petite. In addition to her pretty petite size she has been suffering from eczema the past year or so. Heredity, sorry to say, from me & my hay fever allergies. Her older brother had it too and outgrew it. We’re hopeful she will as well. We’ve tried everything. The diet changes. The elimination of everything. The skin treatments. The heavy hitters. The organic balms. The bleach baths. The oatmeal baths. The lotion twice or three times a day. Our allergist has been quite supportive even when our treatments fell outside the “norm” in kind. We’ve come to the conclusion that it cannot be healed, contrary to every natural foodie article I’ve read on the topic, but it can be managed. We wash with no soap unless necessary, and then use my sister’s mild baby soap. We oil immediately after bathing with this rosehip seed oil, and cover patches of broken skin with a honey bumble balm. When necessary, we’ll use the steroid creams, but given our new methodology, we haven’t had to use it in a long time. The new methodology includes . . . Really really soft washcloths & towels for bathing. I mean, like really, really soft. Enter: Peacock Alley and their bamboo bath…

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