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super soft towels for my dry skinned lady {{review & coupon code for Peacock Alley}}

peacock alley bamboo towels

My sweet little SweetPea. She’s two and a half now. Fierce & firey and always ready to slay you with a glare or a smile. AA likes to call her our honey bunzzzzzz. Or hunky. Or big sweets. The irony being that she’s quite petite.

In addition to her pretty petite size she has been suffering from eczema the past year or so. Heredity, sorry to say, from me & my hay fever allergies. Her older brother had it too and outgrew it. We’re hopeful she will as well. We’ve tried everything. The diet changes. The elimination of everything. The skin treatments. The heavy hitters. The organic balms. The bleach baths. The oatmeal baths. The lotion twice or three times a day. Our allergist has been quite supportive even when our treatments fell outside the “norm” in kind. We’ve come to the conclusion that it cannot be healed, contrary to every natural foodie article I’ve read on the topic, but it can be managed.

We wash with no soap unless necessary, and then use my sister’s mild baby soap. We oil immediately after bathing with this rosehip seed oil, and cover patches of broken skin with a honey bumble balm. When necessary, we’ll use the steroid creams, but given our new methodology, we haven’t had to use it in a long time. The new methodology includes . . .

peacock alley bamboo

Really really soft washcloths & towels for bathing. I mean, like really, really soft. Enter: Peacock Alley and their bamboo bath towels.

I met Laura at the Hundred Event and we even got to party it up at their Dallas store with a food truck AND cake pops (my first ever cake pop experience. If you think I didn’t have 10, you’re wrong.) and she was just delightful. Of course I had heard of Peacock Alley because I sprang for their king size sheets when we upgraded our bed. Delicious Egyptian Cotton.

Need an alpaca throw? !!! Or something a little simpler in the cotton Heather Blanket on sale now? or do you love linen?

peacock alley bamboo towel

But let’s get back to the towel business. When my little lady washes herself in the bath, this soft bamboo cotton blend doesn’t chaff her vulnerable skin. When we towel off afterwards, she snuggles in deep to her towel instead of shrieking that it’s too rough!!! which used to be our bath time ritual.

If we have to do a quick sink bath–because who doesn’t cheat bath time and do a sink bath periodically?–I use the amply sized hand towel to dry her off before we do our oil//balm ritual.

peacock alley bamboo towels

The feeling in your hand is different when you’re wiping and patting dry with these. And the feeling for her eczema is different. It feels supple and soft even when wet. It washes & dries without losing its softness and thickness. Definitely a win for sensitive skin, but a treat on my own skin when I get a chance to steal it away from her and use it! We will buy more of these, no doubt. I wish we could replace all our towels with this eco-friendly incredibly soft product!!

peacock alley bamboo

I’m really glad to have found a towel that actually feels okay for her skin, and am very grateful that Peacock Alley sent this set over for us to try out. It’s a great company with incredibly high quality bedding & bath products. And maybe AA will read this and get me one of these for Christmas??

Peacock Alley is kind enough to offer a discount code for my readers:

BBT15 for 15% off their bamboo towel collection.

Good through November 30, so hop on over to check out the choices & place your order before the holidays!