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My Interview with Kristin at This Inspired Life (and six other things from my week)

February 12, 2015

My week, in seven quick takes. Linking with Kelly & the gang for this so go read other people’s takes which are guarnateeeeeeed to be cooler than mine. Except my first one. Which is so cool. 1. This Inspired Life Podcast! I had a wonderful interview with Kristin from “This Inspired Life” podcast, a podcast to inspire and encourage you to live your best life. She is just a joy to talk with. The podcast can be found here. We talked recipes, kids, my Whole Parenting Goods hand made business, the works. Enjoy and follow her on Facebook, instagram, and twitter, Of course I had multiple technology issues before I called her to start the interview. The headphones were missing for our Skype conversation. I couldn’t log into Skype on my desktop but finally got my husband’s username and password to do it on his laptop but then his laptop died and I couldn’t find the cord. I finally got my username and password sorted out, and my desktop rolling, but my desktop fan makes this weird rolling noise and she was forced to listen to that over the headset (which I found in the car??). All the while I was bouncing Mr. I Didn’t Want to Finish My Nap, who, as it turns out, had loaded his diaper with a bomb. I bounced the bomb unknowingly for 45 minutes while standing in front of my rattling desk with the headset on. Phew. But she was so easy to talk to…

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