baby overdue

Coping with Being “Overdue” in Your Pregnancy

May 15, 2014

I have not been patient toward the end of this pregnancy. I kept thinking we’d go early, like with SweetPea. I kept thinking my water was about to break {and then thought it had}. I planned ahead so much, I had the entire month of May scheduled for blog posts and our meal plan! I nested so hardcore, there was nothing left to sort except the freezer. I let my head leap ahead of my pregnant tumtum, and look where we are now. 41 weeks. Still prego. Had our scan today and found out he’s completely healthy and happy! And that my cervix is doing well and getting ready . . . so I gave up the despairing attitude and decided we can go til 42 weeks before induction. He really truly might come on his own. It had been a long few weeks and we were wavering on when to induce. At one point I thought that there was no single way on God’s green earth I could go past 41 weeks. As soon as they did the scans to ensure he was okay, take him OUT. But then I thought, well, maybe if my cervix has changed. Maybe if there are signs he could come in his own time. My wise double doula team reminded me that lots can happen in hours, much less days. And that it doesn’t hurt him to give him a longer leash. And my midwives are awesome about birth being natural, normal, and…

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