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liturgy of the hours, hobbies, and a talk for young pros

I’m behind! I’m behind! Apologies.

Even in an era of pandemic, I was able to hop over to a local church (Our Lady of Lourdes) to live-record a talk for the young professionals crowd. It’s about finding and meaning while pursuing our little v vocation. It starts at about 100 minutes. But don’t skip past Vespers!


Also, two podcast eps and I’m late sharing them! The first is a full run-through of Liturgy of the Hours. Anthony at his best! It’s a fun packed 40 minutes to learn how to pray it, what is happening in this enormous book, and a real encouragement.

The one that’s coming out today is a special one for me. It’s about leisure and hobbies. Why do I need them? Why are they important? I discuss that pursuing things that are life-giving have made a difference in my mental health and I’ve seen the same in Anthony’s life, too.

How, how, how can people with kids or intense work lives pursue hobbies? And leisure sounds like laziness. Watching shows and eating ice cream are not hobbies–they’re relaxing activities, but they’re not necessarily something that actually spurs me to deeper joy, deeper plugging in and re-ordering my mind toward God, true relaxation. They’re a filler of sorts!

Sewing, baking bread, reading, and when my health permits, exercise are my forms of leisure. Luckily, my family can be included in most of those! If they behave!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on leisure and your hobbies, too!