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liking who you love ep 5 of podcast

We talk about something super interesting to me today: learning to like (more) the person whom you already love. Youtube ep here and podcast here.

Anthony came up with this topic and I was delighted to talk about it, largely because I think people assume that once you’re married, you just like each other more and more. Not true. Besides love being an act of the will, it’s also a habit we have to practice over and over again.

Part of my sharing on the episode focuses around that we can *only* control ourselves and how we respond to our beloved. We can’t try to make them change or do something in the hopes we can manipulate their emotions or *get* them to change. Simply being emotionally healthy and being as loving as possible is a big undertaking  for our lifetime. Then acting out of love to our significant other is a whole new challenge and layer.

Okay, I love his Saint Francis de Sales quote at the end. Do you have a take on it??