Whole Parenting Family

sewing, thanksgiving, and three months of school

I have been a busy bee. 

Mostly because twitch two kiddos in school, one in nature school a few mornings a week, and one who loves to read and color on the walls with a marker (Lord, beer me magic eraser), it’s just hopping.

But also because Blessed is She’s Advent + Christmas book that I’ve worked so hard on is available and SO GORGEOUS. The 42 writers’ stories blow me away. The daily Scripture, the questions (hat tip to Beth), and the prayers (written by moi) are all so doable for the seasons and help crack open our tired hearts. Get yours by Monday to have it ship in time.

BUT also because I’ve been sewing for 6 weeks a really fun batch of caps lined with cotton sherpa (AH IT IS SO SOFT AND ORGANIC), linen dreamy dresses, and bibs. Oh, yes, and leggings, too.

But I’m splitting up the leggings. The two holiday ones available in every size will be with the rest of items on the site on Friday at 10am CST and then the mis-matched pairs will be on my instagram on 9am CST Cyber Monday.

Our Thanksgiving will be really festive with family in town and staying with us. It makes me so so so happy to have a bustling house with little kiddos and late nights talking with my sister and her husband. The years go by and the kids grow and we resign ourselves to buying pie crusts from the coop, but I just appreciate every moment our extended family can be together.

And now that we’re neck deep in school, I’m facing more parenting challenges. Guys, it just gets harder than no sleep and night diapers that leak out onto you in your cosleeping situation. I have had to give myself time-outs parenting grade schoolers. “I said what I said and I am not discussing it and now I need to go be alone for a while.” I mean, feeling like a real teen here myself.

Hoping you have lots of cheer this Thanksgiving and enough pie, if there is such a thing. Hope you also find a little something for the loves in your life in my launch on Friday!