Whole Parenting Family

fighting resistance in pursuit of joyful outlets

The good news is that you guys really love handmade sewn things from my little shoppe. (That’s pronounced “shopp-ey” according to my sister.)

Almost all the dresses are out! One of the caps is out! A bunch of the bibs are down to just one set! The leggings are flying! If you’re still in the perusing market, what’s left is here.

I’m so grateful, you guys. My shoppe is this in between-place for me.

I see lots of small makers who have built an empire of outsourcing their production, or they work full-time with kids in childcare sewing and produce the most gorgeous things! I sew in the cracks of the day that don’t already belong to Blessed is She.

The bulk of my day is uncooperative sweet lil no-neck aliens, housework upon housework, and meal prep & clean up. That’s my calling; that’s my vocation; and it’s hopefully my path to sanctity. I cannot describe how parentally challenging yesterday was so we’re hoping there are some jewels in my crown for being a pro-level apologist to children post-yelling.

So when I sit down to sew, I often think, No one wants your concertos here, Mary–that line from Pride & Prejudice from Mrs. Bennett to her unfortunate daughter Mary who’s a bit of an outcast. No one needs your sewing here, Nell–so many other more well photographed, perfectly serged, amazingly packaged works out there.

If you encounter resistance a lot–that feeling that you shouldn’t bother doing something you want to do, know you’re not alone. The key for me is detachment from the outcome so YES I’m going to sew a ton of stuff and YES if no one buys it or wants it, I will accept that that’s a possibility but NO that won’t stop me from doing it. I’m not going to let my fear of the outcome: failure, embarrassment, etc, hold me back from this little area of joy in my life. It’s something of delight for me!

Don’t let your delight be wrenched out of your hands, friends. Thanks for coming to my TED talk #ha and a big thank you to everyone who has supported my sewing throughout the years.



  1. Natasha on January 31, 2020 at 5:35 am

    teehee, thanks for the chuckle… “no one wants your concertos here, Mary” =P Thanks for the little updates, I enjoy checking into your blog every once in a while.

    • novicenaturalmama on February 4, 2020 at 10:18 pm

      haha thanks friend