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An Interactive Book that Guides You to Make Your Own Toolbox

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My friend Jenna who blogs at Call Her Happy has crafted a wonderful book: 30 Days to Calm: Create Your Own Anxiety Toolbox. And I love it. I got to be an early reader for it for her. Wow. I want every single person who has struggled with anxiety to read it and follow the prompts, and know themselves better, and have this journal of their triggers and calms, their plans and challenges, their very own personalized book about caring for their anxiety.

So here’s a little Q&A with Jenna, and a sneak peek at the book. Go and get your copy here.

Jenna, you wrote an incredible book: 30 Days to Calm. Can you share with my readers why you wanted to write this particular book?

Why, yes I can. So, for my entire life (but mainly the past five or six years), I have had an anxiety disorder that was getting in the way of my day to day life. I did not want to accept that way of living as my new normal, so I sought out coping mechanisms. And I found tons. Now I am on a mission to share these tools with anyone who might be suffering with the same condition.

In the book, you walk the reader through a toolbox of coping with anxiety, but you do so in a way that makes it personalized for the reader—in an interactive way, they get a chance to learn about their triggers and their solutions. How did this format come to be? It’s so brilliant.

I kind of knew from the beginning that I wanted the book to be interactive. I didn’t want to simply tell people what to do, I wanted to challenge them to apply the coping mechanisms in their own lives. And, I do this in a question prompt and journaling format. Readers will be asked questions that enable them to understand their anxiety and therefore begin to take control of it.

What’s your number one tip for women coping with anxiety? In particular, anything specific for the pregnant or new mom?

Declutter. Declutter your possessions. Declutter your obligations. Declutter extracurriculars. Declutter friends. Anywhere in your life you can simplify, do so. Allow your brain to be at peace by giving it the space to do so.

When you share about your experiences, do you look and think, wow, I’ve really gone deeply into myself and I’m handling this so well in my life? Because that’s what it looks like from the outside. A woman who was willing to find help is a strong woman! And now you’re helping others.

Ha. I do think that, actually. But, I can’t give myself much credit. About two years ago, I was in one of my darkest moments, and I went to see a prophetic priest. He prayed over me and taught me how to let God heal me. Then he told me once I did that, I would do great things with my knowledge of this disorder. I am praying that God is using me to help other people who are suffering. So, I can’t stress this enough: any good you get out of this book came straight from the Lord. I am truly completely honored to be His vessel.

Where can my readers find out more about the book and follow your work?

I have a page on my blog with more information, and you can also check out my Etsy shop where I will be conducting all of the sales.

Thank you, my friend, for being brave and sharing this amazing gift with others!


  1. Erin @ Humble Handmaid on October 23, 2015 at 10:12 am

    I’d love to read this book. Thank you for spreading the word about this…so many of us struggle badly with anxiety. God bless!;)

    • Natural Mama Nell on October 23, 2015 at 10:43 am

      God bless you, friend! I’m so glad to be able to spread the word about her great work!