writing on a carpet

Birth & Parenting Series (18): Mother Helps Son Hone Learning Skills

September 17, 2012

This is part 18 of our Birth & Parenting Series. Our other parts can be found on the front page under “Birth & Parenting Series” toward the bottom, or linked here. A mother shares how she identified that her grade-school aged son needed extra help to hone his learning skills. She tells us a number of techniques that have helped him tap his learning potential. Talk about trusting her intuition and seeking out the best for her child! A great example to us all, and a set of helpful techniques for any child in his or her learning development. D is nine and going into 4th grade.  He is very capable of learning but for the past 3 years D has been inconsistent in his academics.  I have been watching him closely.  Finally, the mother, and teacher instinct in me told me I need to get him tested.  The testing confirmed he needs some help in certain areas.  One of the areas he needs help in is in handwriting.  This skill is impaired because of poor muscle tone in his shoulders and upper back and his lack of mastering his fine motor skills. Weekly, we are given homework from the OT.  I am sharing some of these techniques with you because I think these techniques would benefit any child.  I wish I had known about them when my kids were younger. This first picture is of D using the carpet as a surface to write on. Also while doing this, I…

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