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5 Worries to Let Go of When You’re Pregnant

June 4, 2014

Remember when I was expecting? Me neither. Now it’s all baby baby baby. I had the distinct pleasure of guest posting for What to Expect’s “real mom advice” blog. They contacted me and I got carte blanche to dish about a topic near & dear to my heart. Pregnancy. Expectations. Near & dear. It seems as though pregnancy is a time of insane material consumption paired with insane stress about doing everything right. Especially when it’s your first time around. You’re supposed to follow an insanely long list of does & don’ts, as well as heed everyone and their mother (and mother-in-law’s) advice. Also, don’t read the internet, but do read anything germane to your insane fears and concerns. Contradictions galore. I address needless baby paraphernalia, pregnant & postpartum body, state of the homefront, input from family, and baby einstein. And that we should all collectively agree to let go of our worries together! Hop on over to the Word of Mom blog on What to Expect’s website. Read my “real mom advice” and tell me what you’d add.   Right . . . here.

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