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Wear Your Baby in a Wrap or Sling

April 25, 2012

Wear your baby! I’ve written about different carriers before, here, but having a new baby again reminds me that the initial hassle of getting a sling or wrap on is worth it. Your babe is close to you, your hands are free, and you can immediately comfort or tend to her without worrying about crossing the kitchen. Best of all, it carries her close to your heart, breath, and helps her through what they call “the fourth trimester” or the first three months of life which are a sort of continuation of life in the womb. Read a very thorough article on wearing your baby over at the UK publication Green Parent (here). It gives an overview of traditions of baby wearing internationally along with a list of all the health benefits. Want your baby to cry less, sleep better, and be more engaged with the world? Wear her! I’ve promoted my friend’s wraps before–Rockin’ Wraps–and gotta say, I just love her work. It’s similar to a Moby wrap, but rather stretchier and beautifully crafted. Support homegrown mama artists! She hand designed this wrap for me with a horse head, due to my love of the equine. Thanks, Larissa! See my girlfriend’s blog post here about different carriers on her blog, Natural Mommas. Her assessment is very thorough!

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