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tips for starting an Etsy shop

March 19, 2014

I’m no pro, having only had my little shop for two years, but I’ve picked up a thing or three along the way. While my children unhappily have succumbed to sleep, I thought I’d share my small semi-precious (costume jewelry?) stones with you. My shop, Whole Parenting Goods, is a source of fun, creativity, and sometimes a little side of stress for me. My shop has a number of sections: Bandit Bibs, Contour Cloths, Very Large Blankets, Large Blankets, Lightweight Blankets, Knits & Crochets, Little Girl Skirts, and my girlfriend Cynthia’s beautiful work under her label, Interior Castles. 1) Why Should I Start an Etsy Shop? If you are an artisan and love creating, do it. Whether or not anything sells, if the process is enjoyable for you, it’s worth it. You have to love making what you’re making, and feel compelled to share it with others. 2) Why Shouldn’t I Start an Etsy Shop? If you’re expecting to make a lot of money. There is no steady stream of income. People order 10 things one month, and 1 the next. There’s no predicting it. Also, often people want custom items so they like that blanket you made, but they want it in a different fabric, bigger, smaller, oh, and then after you’ve corresponded for weeks on the specifics, they don’t actually want to buy it from you. It’s a bizarre blend of custom work and then the quick outright purchaser. 3) Who Buys From You? I get asked this…

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