why does my kid have a peanut allergy?

What to Do When You Find Out Your Toddler Has a Peanut Allergy

January 11, 2012

  We had a bad scare Sunday night. SuperBoy inadvertently had peanut butter spread on his carrot cake waffles, a family favorite from Willow Bird Baking. And yes, we now know he’s allergic to peanuts. This was the first time he’d ever had peanut anything, and the first time we learned of his allergy. Until now. By accident. After hives, swelling, vomiting (his medicine as well), and a trip to the ER to get IV benadryl, an epi shot, trouble breathing, etc, he is just fine. Thank God, and although his breathing was labored, he made it through all of this like a champ. The real question is, what is next when you discover your child is allergic to peanuts? 1) Follow up checkup with family practice doc. We couldn’t love our doctor more. She’s all of our doctor (as a family practice doctor) and we just love love love her natural approach to things. She’s a very wait-and-see-but-not-if-it’s-bad sort of physician. SuperBoy had a checkup with her today. She gave us a referral to an allergist in our healthcare system, and advised against any sort of nut contact until he’s been tested. He has happily eaten almond nut butter, tahini, drank almond milk, and had contact with other nuts aside from peanuts up until this point. No sense in retesting those waters as who knows what this allergic reaction has set off inside his body toward otherwise unsuspecting nuts. She also recommended probiotics for him, and a continuation of…

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