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Whole Parenting NoSugar30: join the no sugar resolve gang

January 8, 2015

I really love sugar. I mean, come on, my mom is an amazing baker. It’s always around: the fudge, the caramels, the cookies, the chocolate cake. Feast your eyes on THAT: Sigh. Wiping my mouth off. Okay, so after finding myself eating stale marshmallows in the pantry in the dark (they weren’t even close to good), I think I hit my sugar bottom. This desire to eradicate unhealthy sugar from my diet is also largely informed by new science indicating your gut bacteria have a big influence on what you crave. Read the full article here, but my layperson’s takeaway is that when you eat a lot of a particular food (in my case, sugar), your gut bacteria is populated with sugar-bacteria. If that reigns supreme, it tells your brain to eat more sugar and fewer peas, or what have you. I always felt like I just didn’t have adequate self-control when it came to eating copious nibbles (equally one huge bite) of brownies. Now I know it is part brain//part gut. To repopulate my gut with good-food desiring bacteria, I have to feed it that. Join my Facebook group. We are almost 100 strong! Follow our Pinterest Board. Be in community where we’re sharing what we’re eating, what substitutes we’re finding for the sugar-laced salad dressings, breads, yogurts, and ordinary parts of our food world that have been overtaken by sugar. On a practical level, we know how bad sugar is for you. And yet, five days into this…

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