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A family vacation staycation second year in a row

August 13, 2016

Last year we did this for the very first time: we took a family vacation staycation at my folks’ home in Wisconsin just us. Not to travel for a baptism or a wedding or another family to-do–just for us to bond, be quiet, have temper tantrums in nature, and eat lots and lots of good food. Being pregnant makes everything harder for my poor kids because I’m limited in my energy and capabilities, but they were troopers and played lots and lots of games with each other and made lots of messes and kinda even cleaned them up! I actually let our oldest play with a sling shot. Rules and boundaries set in stone ahead of time, but yes, I let him just have wild fun with it. I must be relaxing as a mom. I’m learning to sit back and watch them. Watch their relationships unfold. It helps that they’re older and not just screaming at each other when frustrated, though that happens too. I can guide them through talking it out, addressing each other, and teach basic empathy skills. And their little minds are developed enough to get it. To get why we are kind and loving. Why we don’t hit and say hurtful things. Why mama is always right—okay, let’s not go too far 😉 And this little 2+ year old really held his own this year. Yes, you may have more oatmeal. Yes, you may cut with your sister’s scissors. Yes, you may that hammer. Yes, you may splash…

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