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Doing Things in the Right Order After Years of Not

June 17, 2018

photo credit I’m finding a new rhythm to my house life, mom life, wife life. I’m finally doing things consciously in the right order. It was 8:32pm. The three youngest are all asleep and as I crept past their rooms, checking on their night lights and blanket situations, I felt it. That siren call of my sewing machine. DO NOT GO DOWNSTAIRS. COME UP! My husband slipped out the back door with our oldest for some night baseball hits at the local park. They waved and I doused them in bug spray on their way out. I had not answered my sewing machine’s call. I had trekked down the stairs, pausing to pick up ten thousand items of dirty clothing, two CDs whose scratches had deepened, and shutting off light switches here and everywhere. I was determined to take the ten minutes of wiping counters and arranging dishes in the dishwasher before heading back up up to the machine and my luscious fabrics. It took twelve minutes, but the peace of mind I experienced with each soggy granola bowl rinsed and stacked was worth it. You see, I’ve spent years indulging my blogging, sewing, writing, texting, scrolling, calling, and venting. All before doing what needs to be done. I supposed the Sisyphean task of having small kids #forever meant for me if I stopped to do a dish, I would have to scrub the kitchen floor and I would NEVER GET A MOMENT FOR ME. Instead I carved habit after habit, year after…

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February in like a funk

February 16, 2018

So what’s that phrase? March in like a lion, out like a lamb? I vote there should be one for February. In like a funk, out like ___. “a fun time?” “a frenzy?” This month has been bitterly cold. January is always bitterly cold in Minnesota, but this Feb has taken the cake. When I was little, it was cold like this, but now as an adult, it’s been relatively mild for a while. Yes, Minnesotans talk about the weather, a lot. There’s a debate (light hearted? cold hearted?) going on both on my instagram and Facebook about how many layers we bundle our kids up to go out in the morning. Watch me zoom around getting everyone into their duds and you tell me! (I let them play in the snowbanks on the way back in so that’s part of the snow pants part!) (I also was always cold as a kid so . . . projecting?) The funk has been more pervasive for me than the cold weather. Maybe it’s because I saw a single mom friend’s support system crumble. Maybe it’s because a friend’s baby is home on hospice. Maybe it’s because we attend kinder-12th grade Mass at our parochial school and I want to earnestly remind all the high schoolers that this is the best way to spend your morning (like a crazy middle aged mom) as some of them giggle in the pew and crack their knuckles. When my kids are all in school and I’m facing…

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A Short Shopping List for Christmas

December 9, 2017

It’s Advent and I feel like the sky has fallen because I’m not really ready for Christmas gifts. I usually get mine all set before Advent so I can focus on the season and not be scrambling for deals. But with the move and still finishing home improvement projects (aka other people improving our home while we ply them with adulation and fudge), it just hasn’t all come together. {The bookshelves are done!!! The tree is half decorated!!} SO this is as much my shopping list as a recommendation request from you guys? Mkay? L A D I E S Blessed is She store! Our prints are super popular as is our journaling Bible. Mordenmiss’ linen line. I own several of their dresses/tunics and love the way linen feels over time. This one is one my wish list. Be a Heart’s new book! Amen and it’s gorgeous. Holding one in my hot lil paws right now. G E N T S Tolkien fan? My friend Kaitlyn’s shop has everything for the Tolkien lover. I love this especially. Magnetic wrist band for the handyman? I mean, I think I’m getting this for our construction guys as a thank you. Never seen anything like this. Do I not get out much? Cordless drill for the husband whose drill grew legs and walked off? Too much on the construction stuff? Sorry. I mean, he has every religious book under the sun but if he didn’t, I get him this one. K I D…

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A Birthday Letter to Our Seven Year Old Son

June 30, 2017

My little love, I watch you walk, run, and laugh with that mouth holding two adult teeth and marvel. How did the baby I never stopped holding and staring at become this bounding, bouncing being? They say the years go by so fast, but the days are long. Days with you have always zoomed by with baseball cards, audio stories, narrated baseball one player full field games, and periodic fast tickle laughs. I wouldn’t know any other way. Your little sisters and brother look up at this face of teasing, teaching, and tenderness. Not in any particular order. You can poke and prod like any pest but usually draw them into your world of games with invisible endless twists and turns. You look with an open heart. And share whatever you have in yours with theirs. When your dad and I watch you race your bike or pitch a curve ball, we rejoice at these signs of your growing and reaching toward what brings out that wide mouthed stretched eyes laugh. I also cry a little. Because I’m a mom. And want you to always be my baby at the same time that I want you to become more and more yourself. Our prayer for you this year: that you continue to grow in patience for our shortcomings and your siblings’ purposeful aggravations. May you feel the lightness that only love can bring into your daily mood. May you explore. May you experience God and seek His will in your…

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Reader Survey

June 10, 2017

I dug up this oldie photo from around the time I started the blog. Who are these babies?? I just don’t even know.   Would you help me out? I’m trying to sort through my work here and figure out how to do things better! Two second survey here. And one of you lovelies who takes it will be gifted a $100 amazon card as a token of my appreciation!! Also, a few places to connect with my newsletters: if you want to learn more about the mothering journey journals, the link is here. If you want handmade whole parenting goods discount codes & first peeks, the link is here. If you want to be subscribed to the blog, the link is here. (Tell me you’re subscribed already, people!!) That’s it & that’s all. Happy Saturdaying!

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7 Quick Takes

May 26, 2017

Oh it’s been a wonderful and wild week. Linking up with the one and only Kelly! 1// we saw friends and friends and no one is sick yet so that is a HUGE WIN! 2// I took the three youngest kids to the grocery store which is a first in my long recovery! It felt so nice to wear the baby (who was happy, thankfully), push the tot in the cart, and be helped in the steering by my big girl. It felt good to be back to some normal activities. 3// Wrapped up your custom legging orders. These ones took me a little longer than expected but I am mailing the last ones out the door tomorrow! On to a special swaddle batch next! My sewing machine is my happy place so thanks for being part of getting me there, friends. 4// Read this. Then laughed and sent to my kid’s teacher. 5// I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on editing a series for Blessed is She for women’s groups. It’s been fantastic to work with seven talented writers and to be part of the process of building community! 6// Eating lots of this. 7// Wishing Madame Secretary wasn’t done for the season but I loved the last episode so very very much.

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