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you ate velveeta and spam? how & why we changed our eating habits

September 15, 2014

I posted on Facebook today that a big part of why I’m doing this healthy living bundle sale is because I want to empower you. “Empower.” Such an annoying buzz word. Along with “genuine” and “authentic” and “relatable.” I was texting about the way these words are like scraping a fork on a plate for both of us. Ha! Anyway. Back to business. It’s the last few hours for this healthy living bundle I’ve been talking about. The link to buy is here. Or this fancy button: Empower. I sobbed the other day in the car after leaving the coop. (natural foods coop.) I had bought organic crackers again!!! I hadn’t yet made my own!!!! Didn’t I pin those recipes? Couldn’t I save my family the money and make the most wholesome delicious crackers in the world? What kind of natural mother was I??? WAAAAAAAAAA —–reality check! I’m a great mom. And making my own crackers isn’t going to change that. After laughing about this with my sisters and a few girlfriends, I could exhale. I don’t have to do everything from scratch. I don’t have to make crackers. Whew.———— I grew up with a loving mother and father who both worked hard to provide food, shelter in a gorgeous house, plenty of hand-me down clothing, first rate education, amazing trips around the world, and siblings, built in frenemies. But the food. My mother is a baker, not a cook, and it was the 80’s. Food was kinda like science…

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