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Three Ways to Stop Overcommitting

April 12, 2015

told to you by someone who struggles massively with over-commitment. It’s always been a teeter-totter for me. Do, feel good about it, feel great about it, feel burnt out about it, crash & burn. Revitalize and start again. All like a phoenix. Oh, how poetic I art. In my own attempt to simplify, and not in that new trendy minimalism way were you bid your material possessions adieu softly whispered as you caress them on their way out the door (did you read Indiana’s hilarious post on Marie Kondo??), but to cut back to my balancing point, I’ve discerned three truisms about coping with overcommitment. 1) Do you have time to clip your nails or q-tip your ears? I have very basic (read: low) hygiene standards. Bathing regularly is easily met by a small baby who likes to play in the bathtub but anything above and beyond that: hair styling, moisturizing, makeup (what’s that?), taming eyebrows, caring for or painting nails, etc, don’t happen very often. When a new opportunity presents (like three did this past month–three things I really wanted to say yes to and had to say no instead!!!!!), I first ask myself, do I want to do this? If the answer is yes, then I ask, but am I clipping my nails and cleaning out my ears right now? The answer to that is almost always no. So that tells me to decline regretfully. 2) Accept there are two kinds of friends: low maintenance and high maintenance and no…

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