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5 Ways to Split up Household Duties

February 28, 2016

I have read a few articles lately about gender inequalities at home–where moms, including working moms, foist the bulk of household work onto their capable shoulders either due to lack of cooperation from spouses or their absence. It got me thinking about how we divvy up household work so that my sons and daughter see mama and dada working together. When we were first together, before we got married, we talked about how we envisioned our lives in the actual day-to-day. As we were both working, the days were filled with motions, appeals, and paperwork. The evenings were divvied up with cooking and tidying and errand running. We fell into a pattern of who liked to do what, and who hated doing something the least, and who was good at what. We also did almost everything together because we were newlyweds without kids. Add three small kids and me eventually staying home and the paradigm shifted. We are in a pattern now that’s working. Maybe you’re in flux of juggling work & little babes and tots and household duties are ready to break you, as they have been me. (a few snaps from instagram.) 1) list out what you love & what you hate. You know I love a good list. We broke it into things we loved and things we hated. I love cooking. He hates dealing with anything technological in the house. Once we had basic allocations of hates and loves, we knew we were in the ballpark…

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