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How Our Family Love Grows

September 30, 2013

  Our mismatch blue shirts with our Godson in Virginia–the most recent photo we have together. I just love AA. He loves me. Our love doesn’t feel static, though. I fall more and more in love all the time. For all the sappy reasons: he cradles our newborn babies in his arms, murmurs love songs to them, he snuggles them to sleep as they grow and groan at night with teething pains, he teaches our son how to fold his fingers around an incense thurible, hit a bat, and our daughter to tickle tackle, say “bacon.” I love him for all the specific-to-him reasons: his chewed on fingers, his eternal patience with my bad housework and fabric addiction, his passion for Black Sheep pizza, his embrasure of so much of my family around-all-the-time, his ability to laugh when he’s angry. The man I met in law school and fell, falling, in love with looks a little older, more tired, and sweeter to me now. He’s still a long lanky runner, but his hands are rougher from hours digging and tending our beloved garden. His eyes still crinkle when he laughs, but the laugh lines run deeper after our years of craziness together. We love having a family so much, we’ve added a new member. Dubbed “BabyLoves” by SuperBoy, we’ll meet our baby in early May of 2014. It’s a really humbling joy to be pregnant, to say yes, please to having another person, and having that request granted. I love sharing…

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