pregnancy nausea

4 Tips to Surviving Pregnancy With a Toddler

October 18, 2011

Yesterday wasn’t one of our finest around here at the Whole Parenting household: Poor sleep with little SuperBoy’s enormous molars emerging on bottom, two rounds of throwing up for me, and a bucketload of new projects at work for AA. And it was Monday. Who also hates Mondays? But we survived and I reminded myself of a few things to help cope with pregnancy nausea and motherhood. 1) Low expectations of yourself. When you’re sick and yet simultaneously still mothering another human being outside of your womb, don’t expect much out of the bad days. Whether it means you are late to daycare & work, or you stay in your PJs all day, be forgiving! Although there were about 15 things that had to be done yesterday, only about 1 of them actually was accomplished. And that had to be okay. This is tough when you’re a type-A, do-it-all, work-aholic, attorney-type. But remembering that there are priorities and then there are actual priorities can be helpful. Feeding yourself (and your child): priority. Running all your errands after work or doing all the ironing during the day: not priorities. Delegate it out! 2) Make a realistic list of the work you can accomplish that day. This holds true for the office or the home. What can you actually get done that day when you are so sick? Keep it short and doable so you don’t feel double failure at the end of the day. It may be something as simple as one…

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Second Pregnancy with Morning Sickness

September 16, 2011

Yes, we’re expecting baby number 2 in mid-April! Needless to say we’re thrilled, excited, petrified, and happy that SuperBoy gets to be a big brother. The biggest challenge of being 10 weeks pregnant is that I have a bad case of the all-day morning sickness and a toddler who runs, plays, teethes, and wants to go outside all the time. I was very sick with SuperBoy the whole 9 months and am praying for reprieve by 12 weeks this time around! My midwife recommended a few different ways of coping with the extreme nausea. Please add ones that worked for you! 1) Food. All the time. Any time. Anything that sounds appealing. Protein. Ice cream. Whatever can stay down (not much). Ice cream does stay down better than other things, and bland does appear to be the order of seasoning at this point, much to my chagrin as I love my Thai and Persian food with some taste. 2) Acupressure & Acupuncture. I’m wearing Sea Bands on both wrists–which helped defer vomiting for a day–and considering acupuncture. Did this work for anyone else? 3) Ginger. I just loathe the taste of it, but have managed to suck down a few ginger drops. These and preggie pops just don’t taste very good to me. But I should really give them a large-dose try. 4) Vitamin B6. Haven’t done it yet. 5) Zofran. Only if absolutely necessary. I had to take this for a while with SuperBoy as I was being sick…

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