positive breastfeeding

normalizing nursing for my family, friends, and strangers who gawk

April 26, 2015

Photo credit: Emily Rumsey Photography If you had told me when I had my first that I would eventually nurse in public without a cover, I would have blushed. Deeply. I hated nursing SuperBoy in public. I rarely went in public with him when he was hungry, and given that I didn’t feed on demand, but rather tried to put him on a schedule, I could predict this hangry time pretty well. When I did have to nurse him in public, I’d drape a cover over him, me, us, and with lots of kicking limbs and wails from both of us, attempt to do it thoroughly. Then burp him. Then commence on the other side, all whilst wearing disposal nursing pads that I went through like new moms do articles online about how to nurse in public. But at home? No cover. My brother & dad had a shock to their systems. My brother would make eye contact only while using his palm flattened out, thumb down, palm facing me to block the site {and sight} of my actual nursing parts. My dad would hurry through the kitchen and ask my mom Errrr is she going to always do that in here? Even my older female relatives would gently talk about how when they nursed, they would go upstairs or in a different room from their own father or brothers or uncle, because, well, it was proper. My response was that my baby didn’t like to nurse with a cover and I had to feed…

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