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Birth & Parenting Series: A Happy Announcement After Loss

July 10, 2014

This sweet friend, L.R., from law school & her husband emailed me the happiest news! After suffering loss and hoping to have a baby make it past the first number of weeks, they are 20 weeks along in their parenting journey!! She had shared about their losses in a previous guest posting. Read more of the Birth & Parenting Series here. —– Praise be to God: We are Expecting It’s finally our turn to make this amazing announcement! What you maybe don’t know is what a long journey it has been. During that journey I made a promise to God that, if He ever gave us this chance, I would give Him the glory; so He set about making sure I knew that He truly deserved the honor when the time came. Though we’ve been married almost 9 years, we didn’t really start trying to expand our family until about 3 years ago. As we came up on a year of trying and as I was beginning to grow frustrated and discouraged, I was thrilled to see our first positive pregnancy test on Easter Sunday 2012. The excitement was short-lived, however, because it was over in less than a week. Since I didn’t even make it to 5 weeks pregnant, I later learned that I had experienced what is considered a chemical pregnancy. It was a heart-breaking loss but I tried to take comfort in knowing that it was possible for us to conceive and believed that the next time would be…

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