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Life on a Cattle Ranch: Guest Post from Britt from The Fisk Files

February 19, 2015

My girlfriend Britt was kind enough to let us see a little glimpse into life on the cattle ranch in New Mexico, one of my favorite states I’ve only read about. Cannot wait to visit her there someday! She runs a beautiful blog at The Fisk Files and her photography business is, frankly, earth shatteringly stunning. I want to live with her beautiful family!!! So check her on instagram, the blog, and fbook. And hear what she has to share! —- Nell and I met last August, and my life’s been forever blessed!  She made me feel comfortable right from the start, and if I’m being honest, I was worried we might not click.  Why?  Well, I hadn’t read her blog for long, and by her title, I assumed she might not think too highly of this formula-feeding, screen-time loving (well, liking), non-organic mom.  Boy was I ever wrong.  I’m not sure I know many that are as encouraging and as deeply thoughtful as sweet Nell.  And, I couldn’t be happier to be here today! When asked to guest post for Whole Parenting, I didn’t really know exactly what to say, but since I feel that my way of life makes me a bit different than some, I thought it might be something fun to touch on. See, I was raised on a ranch.  Until college, I never lived within the city limits.  Since then, I’ve lived in mid-sized cities, the District, and now I’m back to a life with…

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