nausea and hunger when pregnant

Five Things That Might Change When You’re Pregnant

February 3, 2012

Everyone’s journey of pregnancy is different, and indeed, even the same mama can experience pregnancy differently with different children. There are many stereotypes of pregnancy: discomfort, irritability, nesting instinct, frequency of bathroom use, breakout, hair thickening, breast swelling, leg swelling, feet swelling, nausea, smell sensitivity, and the list goes on. Your particular body goes through its own cycle of hormonal increase during pregnancy so some of the aforementioned may pertain to you, and others may not. Five things that may change when you’re pregnant, and that did for me this time (who can remember last time?) around: 1) Procrastination habits change. God willing, your little baby will come into your family after a long (and short) 40 weeks, That means at some point you have to get the baby’s space ready, have some clothing purchased for him or her, have your little nest prepared, and face that long list of “must-do’s” before the fateful day! I wrote about pre-preparing for baby number 2 a while ago, and should probably face my real preparing now that I’m in the third trimester. Even though you’re busy at work, trying to get the rest of your life in order, don’t neglect the home front on a physical or metaphysical level. Stop procrastinating on projects because when you have an infant, they are almost impossible to finish. You have neither the impetus, nor care about that back hall closet that needs to be sorted through. Also, prepare your relationship or family for a new member. Invest lots…

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