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5 Free Mother’s Day Ideas

May 10, 2014

  Have you seen a billion Mother’s Day ideas online? Me too. Many include purchasing beautiful gifts (like me & my etsy shop coupon for 30% off MAMA21014) or designing intricate projects. Pinterest worthy. Not realistic for me. Let’s be honest. I’m STILL pregnant at 40+ weeks and motivation is at an all time low. It was miraculous we got to the park the other night (well, that I went along to the nightly ritual of the park). Gotta admit: Mother’s Day for us is usually so low key at our house. We kids either go in on a gift for our mom, or we all do our own thing, and for me, AA has the kids do some artwork and shower me with extra kisses. It’s a beautiful but, like I said, low key time o’ year. Right now, sitting at 40+ weeks pregnant, I would love the gift of our son’s arrival, frankly. ARE YOU LISTENING, BABYLOVES? Riiiight back to your free ideas, for those who’ve run out of time or moolah. 1) Love letter. You don’t have to be a poet. You just have to be able to either write, or type, and say something(s) nice. They can be trite; they can be deep. Just compose it. Something like this for my mama: Dear Mama, You always put your children first, above your own needs, wants, and dreams in life. And now that you’re older and we tease you about wearing our sweatpants from high school, know also…

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