mother’s day gift guide

Unique Gift Guide for all your summer gift giving needs

April 10, 2016

I love gifts. I’m a gift person. I love making them, giving them, receiving them. It’s one my main love languages. In high school I discovered this store that sold small artisan, small maker goods. Way back then, I found a moonlight in a jar that one of their collaborators made. I loved it and gave it as a special gift. Imagine my surprise some 15+ years later when Uncommon Goods contacted me about doing a shared gift guide post for you. {sponsored post!} I love that Unique Goods gives back to the community with an opt-in donation when you check out, and I love how sustainably made their curated products are. There’s a story behind every good and that’s unique, too. I dove into their website and fantasy shopped just about every category, looking with the eye of no, no longer a bride wanting decorative stuff for her house that now at the stage I know what I don’t care about and what can my kids play with and not destroy and what is my taste, really, now that I’m a full-grown, house-owning, mom-of-three adult? And here’s what I’ve garnered for you, gentle readers. A complete, unique gift guide for all your gift giving needs. Kids I’m a more practical gift giver to my kids now. I buy toys that can last, are educational, and that don’t have a zillion small pieces because the sound of all those pieces hitting the hard wood floors of our house causes me tiny teeny panic attacks as cleaner-in-chief. They…

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