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Interview with My Mother for Mother’s Day

May 9, 2015

Inspired by my girl Lyz. Don’t read her? You’re crazy. I’m also over at Blessed is She today talking about firing up your love neurons and overcoming my tendency to judge & loathe rather than love. True stories. How much do you like being a mother? Well, it’s a little late to switch occupations. What the biggest surprise when you first became a mother? How overwhelming it was. The responsibilities and the love. Do you have a favorite child? No. Everyone was my favorite for their age. Did you have a favorite age of child? Truly. This is true to me: every age had its negatives and positives. I think the positives always were so much farther ahead than the negatives. This is a really boring interview. I’m not a jokester. I’m not a Jon Stewart. You’re not gonna get some clever little phrase from me. But you’re clever and you can take and twist any of my statements into some “haha hohoh heheh” thing. Was it different raising your son versus your daughters? Definitely. Girls love to talk. Boys don’t want to be talked at//to//with. They just want to be left alone. The girls all wanted to talk and visit and share all their ideas and just have a cuppa hot cocoa and chit chat. “Did you hear that, Peter?” “Are you done with your lecture now? I wanna go play.” Too many words! They’re both wonderful. Was it hard when your mom died and you were still raising small kids? I miss my…

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