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Baby Wearing and Carrying: Do It!

April 10, 2011

Nothing can conjure up the feeling of still living in the womb like carrying a baby close to you in a baby carrier. Many different carriers are out there, but you really just need two, one for ages birth through 15 pounds, and one for 15 pounds through can’t-carry-any-longer. See this post on Natural Mommas for more info on her baby carrying/wearing experience. 1) Baby wrap. We used the Moby Wrap.  Although it’s lengthy and takes a few times to figure out exactly how to wrap it, your infant will feel so incredibly safe and tucked in, like a little kangaroo. A product made by a friend of a friend that is similar, but easier to use is Rockin’ Wraps. I love giving business to people I know, so check out her products! Basically, in my experience, a wrap that actually wraps around your body without room for slippage, wigglage, or gappage, is best. These wraps keep your infant’s spine supported, close to you, and secure. 2) Baby carrier. One brand that I swear by: Ergo. These baby carriers are incredible. They are ergonomically correct, never pinching or stressing those baby joints, and made of breathable but durable fabric. Although we had the infant insert, J was born in the dead heat of summer and I think he would have melted had we carried him in it. Once he reached three & a half months, he was the right size to snap in. It washes easily, folds up easily, and…

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