minimize the mess

Minimize Your Mess with an ebook aptly named “Minimize the Mess”

May 12, 2015

So how many posts can Nell do about housework? Oh, I don’t know. How much time do you have? Bear with me. My friend Rachel wrote an ebook. A what? An e-book. That means you can read it on your smartphone or ‘puter. That also means you can’t lose it and no child can teethe actively on it and destroy it. Win-win. She addresses simplifying your home in six chapters. I may or may not have devoured all six as soon as she was kind enough to email me a review copy. Declutter, embrace less is more, purge. All sounds great. BUT HOW I HAVE SMALL CHILDREN?! Then she hands you an actual strategy and game plan. Winning again. First, I implemented it with my already (I thought) purged wardrobe that I’m still working on the photos for an adult capsule wardrobe. Well it turns out I had not completely truly gotten up the gumption to giveaway what I’m not using and wearing. Sniff. Goodbye, college jeans. Second, I had to believe that “I might need it later” is not a valid reason to have a basement full of odds & ends for entertaining. Things my mom used in the 80’s for a Santa-themed cocktail party? I am never throwing that party. Sorry, mama. Third, I branched out into the books, the thousands of books, we have. I have two big bins of board books alone. Many of them aren’t that fabulous. GONE. Fourth, I went through our bathroom cupboard. It’s…

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