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My Under $20 Gift Guide

December 16, 2016

Don’t panic. Do not panic that Christmas is within spitting distance. I have to admit (in anticipation of early ((hopeful, I know)) labor) I did all my Christmas shopping a few weeks back, wrapped it all up, and barely remember what I actually bought. Then I remembered and was so delighted! We’re doing a minimalist Christmas for the kids (thank God they can’t read the blog . . . yet) so I wanted to share my finds with you so you can see how Grinchy I am  get inspiration. YOXO PBS Build It Kit for everyone. My friend Jeff runs this amazing toy company and shopping small is so important at the holidays! Check out his newest partnership with PBS Kids! And use the code “wholeparenting” for 25% off the whole site!! My kids love his stuff and the fact that it can become many things means it lasts so much longer as a toy of interest. Dog-Opoly for all of us. Life changing. Laura’s kids introduced us and I don’t know if my kids will every go back. Dog-opoly is hilarious. Gel glide crayons for all of them. We can never, ever have enough coloring utensils around here. People crush them, eat them, peel them, lose them, fight over them. This was a nice big pack. Baby Organic footie pj.  For if LittleLady every decides to be born. She gets something, too! MonsterTot (2.5) Massive Excavator. Usually I’d just hit up Goodwill and see what toys they had around for even cheaper,…

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