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Burger Night: Quick & Easy Dinner Recipe

September 28, 2012

Thousand Hills Beef from the coop? Kale from the garden? Shallots? Garlic? Tomatoes from the garden? Dinner! 1) Burger recipe. Two pounds Thousand Hills Beef from the coop. A big bunch of shallot diced up. Garlic too. Kosher coarse ground salt. Freshly ground pepper. Mix it up with your hands. Form into patties. Get that grill hot. Grill until tender and when pushed, feels like the meat on your hand between your thumb and first finger. I know this thanks to my dad loving Anthony Bourdain. Nummy. Done to perfection. Heirloom tomato from our garden. Delish. 2) Kale chips. My girlfriend over at LouLou Ingredients has a fabulous recipe and introduced me to kale chips in the first place. See her post here. AA planted copious amounts of kale so it’s been in our smoothies & chips all summer long. And cooked at 425 for 5 minutes: 3) Kiwi for dessert. Num. Quick, healthy, and easy dinner. Toddler-friendly too!  

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Easy Toddler Breakfast

April 5, 2012

We love fresh fruit & oats around here. So SuperBoy’s breakfast is fairly simple. After a long stint with Super Baby Food, how can I give up the wonderful properties of grains multiple times a day? So we start the day with oatmeal, yogurt, and fresh fruit. Nina’s Coffee Cafe in Saint Paul has a similarly delicious oatmeal that’s such a sweet way to start your day. He loves theirs lots, as they also have cranberries or raisins to boot! (Another great reason for Nina’s with a small child: the buses run on Selby frequently and can be viewed out their huge windows.) The other day we shared a smoothie as well. LouLou Ingredient’s Blueberry Smoothie. So delicious for mama & tot! Love her recipes. If you’re not a subscriber, you are missing out.  

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