long car rides with kids makes for insanity

What happens when you travel with a three year old

June 8, 2015

We took a leap of faith and went on an 8 hour car trip to a cousin’s wedding. Three kids under five in the car for that long is not for the faint of heart. I was initially hesitant about being able to make it due to the fact the baby is almost 13 months old and still nurses for primary nutrition. That’s a lot of stopping to nurse. But what I didn’t factor in was the three year old girl. Three. The roughest and cutest age. She made every moment a possible tornado touch down. Living by the seat of our pants//how many cheddar bunnies she could stuff in her mouth. Let’s begin, shall we? On the drive down, she had to go potty. About 86 times. I offered her a diaper. She looked at me with the scorn of a thousand arrows. At the farmer’s market. She sees food. SHE WANTS IT ALLLLLLLLL. She also wants no one else to have any. Back at the hotel. She wants the baby’s pack & play. She wants not to eat the cold oatmeal. She wants desperately to be the baby. She was comforted by snuggling like a mummy in the queen size bed alongside her big brother. The two of them were like cocoon babies. At the wedding ceremony itself. More talking. Upon seeing another child eating a snack. MAMA I need to eat. No, I need what he is having. My stomach is telling me so. Upon seeing another…

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