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SweetPea’s Needs

August 14, 2014

She’s the world’s most opinionated 2.4 your old I’ve ever met. She has very definite needs. And shares without equivocation. “Mama, where is Cloe and Darling and Thumper . . . oh, Thumper is at church with Jesus. My dollies need to come with me and nurse. And I’ll tuck them in. They will love me.” “Can you HOLD ME?” Arms up stretched. “NOW?” x 100/day. “I NEED you. I need you to take my hand and walk me to my room. Then you can sit in the rocker with the baby and sing to me while I play in my bed.” Her bed. Her favorite place on earth. It’s just an Ikea cheapie crib that now has one side down & a little plank up. Does that qualify it as a converter bed? Converter crib? Toddler bed? Whatever. It’s her big girl bed and that’s all that matters to her. She must have at least three swaddle blankets, five stuffed animals/dolls, and two pacifiers. One for her and one for one of her babies. This is coming from a girl who never wanted a pacifier as a baby herself. Me thinks she’s teething those back molars in. And don’t forget her night stand. A little second hand mini drawers covered with one of my blankets I made for her. It houses her water, her assortment of chokable hazards, and her hair accessories that she refuses to wear, and simply admires. “Holy God we pwaaaaise thy name . . .…

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