life changes with baby

5 Changes in the Last Year

June 30, 2011

Having a baby is the best event of my life, in particular because it is not a static moment wherein an event occurs, but rather a transcendental perpetual new existence that is forever changing, developing, and growing. When SuperBoy was born I could not have believed how profoundly our lives would change, inside and out. Looking back on this last year, here are five specific ways in which our lives have changed. 1) Selflessness. Much like our beloved dog pictured here, Nina, we as parents have learned to put ourselves second to SuperBoy’s needs, desires, and irrationalities. I’m sure Nina didn’t think she’d ever be anyone’s pony 🙂 Nor did I think that I’d ever be capable of getting over my own needs, desires, and irrationalities in order to care for him. Whether it be the first few months of poor sleep, continual nursing, and rapid diaper-making, or the middle months of toppling over and teething, or these latter months of this first year consisting of crawling, getting into everything, and asking for extra soothing at nap times, it’s all pushed me to give more. More than I knew I had to give, or could give! Same goes for AA who is a devoted dad despite working a very full-time (sometimes over-time) job in a difficult career. 2) A whole new love. He has increased my capacity for love. Not only insofar as how much I love him (infinitely much) but also how much my love has increased for my…

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