letter to pope

Writing to Our Priests, Bishops, and the Pope

August 24, 2018

Edit: I wrote these before the Vigano report came out. I’ve re-written to the Pope, asking him to respond and allow full investigation into the matter. This letter here is most beautifully and respectfully worded as well. There are 41,000+ signatories to date.  I wish I didn’t have to write this. I wish our end of summer was all filled with popsicles and baseball. But the findings of the grand jury in Pennsylvania cannot go undiscussed, lamented, cried over. So these are my responses. First to participate in #sackclothandashes led by my friends Kendra Tierney and Bonnie Engstrom on fb and ig. Prayer and fasting and offering things up: the best foundation. Second to writing letters. Here are my letters I’m sending. I share them if you need a template to work from and aren’t sure what to say. Lastly to being committed personally to building up the Church. I’m giving my time to help lead our women’s study group at my parish (and my husband’s contribution is to watch the kiddos while I do it). We’re sending my kids to Catholic school and giving them our moolah. My work for Blessed is She is very meaningful to our whole family, lifting up sisterhood and inviting women to walk closer to Christ in their faith journey through Scripture. For the Priests Dear Father, I am a horrified mother. Horrified by the abuse endured by children at the hands of priests under the shadows of monsignors, bishops, archbishops, and cardinals. Horrified at…

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