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5 Favorites ##linking with Jenna & girls

October 28, 2014

So party people. Five FAVORITES IS BACK! Jenna over at Call Her Happy is hosting. Basically this means you write a blog post about five favorite things happening around the web or products or whatever. Then you link it up with Jenna! It’s such a fun way to hear from your friends and trusted e-companions what’s the haps. What’s on the scene. For those of us living under a rock . . . or in our husband’s bathrobe and slippies– that last word an ode to number 2. 1) Rosehip Seed Oil My sister Molly’s organic skincare line. Omgaaaash. I use it everyday. As do my kids. And my husband. And my mom. And dad. And about half of the continent of Asia as they’re super popular over there. This business is booming and very in demand because people love high quality organic skincare that actually works. No snake oil here. Right now I’m in love with her rosehip seed oil. I use it daily on SweetPea’s dry face and my own wrinkling aging face. Yes. I’m aging, remember?? Molly explains it here. And sells it here. Buy. Slather. Smell nice. 2) Arrested Development   I don’t even have to watch it. I’ve seen the whole series so many times. We quote it to each other every single day. Yes. Sometimes it is my only humor for the day. If you somehow were living under a rock and missed this, what are you waiting for? 3) Everyday Sacrament: the Messy Grace of Parenting by my dear e-friend,…

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