kids and ocean

California knows how to party

October 15, 2013

when traveling with two kids. I guarantee it’s a party! Especially for your amazingly generous hosts who are awakened each morning at the crack of dawn, remember the time difference?, from the rooster-like howls of my offspring. Despite the time warp and midnight cowboy crybabies, we had a really splendid time. Traveling with our beloved second mother, along with our real parentals, was a really big delight as well. Airport highlights: the man tramping aboard behind me who said to the airline lady, Oh God, Shoot me, I’m seated next to the kids. In front of my back. I mean, literally. When SweetPea cried, I didn’t feel any remorse. In fact, when he moved to the back of the plane as there were empty seats, guess who moved nearby to have her daughter lay down to nap? Maybe someone that vindictive. Maybe. family rest rooms. Right next to the pet relief station. Room for all! three smoothies from the Bux (aka Starbucks) because each child and me needed their own. Sharing straws wasn’t an option. Ocean highlights: chasing the tide out, and then getting hammered by the vindictive waves! So much salt water foam and splash. Laguna Beach was just so so gorgeous. Hearing SweetPea say “seeeeaaa gal” every time she saw a bird at the beach. Then she would proceed to make clucking noises like a duck. So close . . . yet so far. Gelato, beach by moonlight, and the kids playing on a sweet swinging playground. Past their…

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